Monday, September 28, 2009

Mountain Woman

I spent the afternoon shooting pictures for a story on the development of Britannia Beach, which is a funky little spot built on the site of an old copper mine about halfway between Squamish and Vancouver.  The mine closed in the early 70's, so the company rented out all the company housing for cheap, and it became a low cost town, mostly full of hippies and artists.  It was used widely as a location for the X-Files, as it's full of run down, creepy looking, industrial sites.  They were filming the new A-Team movie while we were there today.

The company that owns the property is starting to develop the site for high end residential housing, which is displacing the existing community.  This lady has a fish & chips stand that runs out an old school bus, called the Mountain Wo-Man.  The food is amazing, but they're worried about being displaced by the new development.

Tech Stuff:
I love shots that have framing in them.  I always look for something to put around the subject that shows what they're about.  All the ketchup bottles just say 'diner'.

While the D700 will shoot really well at ISO 3200, I find the most useful jump in ISO is being able to get nearly perfect files at ISO 800.  It opens up a lot more opportunities to shoot with the available light in situations where I would normally have to put in some flash.

Camera:  Nikon D700
Lens:  Nikon 17-35mm AF-S f/2.8

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