Tuesday, September 29, 2009

High Wire Act

With the crazy things you see when you're driving around, it's always good to have a camera handy.  The guy sitting on the edge of the helicopter is a high voltage lineman, and he's changing the little thingys that go between the wires on those mega transmission lines.  The rub is that they haven't turned the power off to the lines, and he's doing it from a hovering helicopter.

I've done some pretty crazy things in helicopters, but this far the stupidest I've ever seen done from a chopper.

Tech Stuff:
I liked the way the the wires crossed each other and made a nice pattern, and framed the lineman and helicopter nicely.  I used the Nikon d2x  for it's 1.5x conversion factor, and still had to crop about 50% of the image away to get this shot.  A 300mm or 400mm lens would have been ideal, but all I had was my 70-200mm.  

Camera:  Nikon D2x
Lens:  70-200mm AF-S  f/2.8

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