Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vancouver Buffoonery Workshops

Trilby Jeeves and her VanArts class of Buffoons.
Based on the teachings of Jacques Lecoq of Paris, "Le Bouffon" is a clown of sorts- an intelligent clown, perhaps, from the depths of our earth. Its pleasure is to mock and to imitate the absurdities of the human being (we do strange things!). They get sheer joy at playing their opinions (and they tend to be exaggerated in their appearances!) There is no limit to the expressions of "Le Bouffon".....

I had a great time shooting this story for the Urban Pie. It was actually the first story I had come up, but I wasn't able to catch up with Trilby Jeeves, the course instructor and champion of Vancouver Buffoonery,  until yesterday.  This is the last Buffoonery class of the VanArts acting program, and I was able to sit in on part of it.

I've been working on multimedia slideshows and did a quick one from this shoot.  There's some extra photos and an interview with Trilby here.

Facial expressions are a critical part of the course

The Buffoons don't break character for anything, not even a photo shoot.

Trilby Jeeves

Costumes left over after the class

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