Sunday, April 11, 2010

Terminal City Rollerderby

I'm starting to really enjoy shooting for the Urban Pie, and it hasn't even started to publish yet! Last night I got to spend the evening shooting a Roller Derby match at the Kerisdale Arena between the Faster Pussy Cats and Atomic City, presented by Terminal City Rollergirls. It was an absolute blast, and about 1700 screaming Vancouver hipsters came to enjoy the show.

Tech Stuff:
While the event organizers had provided lighting for the derby, it was woefully inadequate for normal photography, especially of an action sport. For the first time I set the ISO on my Nikon D700 all the way to ISO 8000, or 0.3 boost from the maximum native ISO of 6400. I have to say it worked really well. There was a mix of lighting sources in there, so I did a custom white balance using an Expodisc.

Camera: Nikon d700
Lens: AF-S 70-200mm VR f/2.8

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