Saturday, November 6, 2010

Stock Photography sales for 2010

A picture of Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg, that sold to a Japanese trade magazine for $55.43
These are a few of the stock photos I've sold this year. Early in my career, I spent two years assisting one of the top stock image photographers in Canada. It was a lot of fun, and times were great. I later went on to do a lot of stock work myself, but I haven't done much in a while, as there's been a flood of semi professional work on the market, sending the price for images to, literally, down to pennies an image. Now, it just doesn't make financial sense to hire a couple of models for the day to earn $.75 a shot. However, I do get around a lot, and I shoot a lot of pictures, so I hooked up with an Agency in the UK called Alamy that handles mostly travel and editorial images, right in my comfort zone. It's not much money, probably about 1/20th of what I made at it back in the glory days, but it's still a lot of fun. I've included the publications and prices they sold for as well.

The Apartheid Museum in Johanesburg, that ran in an American in-flight magazine for $115.00.

The Radium Beer Hall in Johannesburg. Something I snapped as we stopped in for a few beers at lunch. This one ended up in a British in-flight magazine for $63.78

Some nuns in front of the Marrionhill Monastery, near Durban South Africa. Another quick shot that ended up in a British educational magazine for $92.86

Some tasty sweet & sour pork from an editorial story I did down in China Town in Vancouver. I happened to find a bunch of food pictures in a file and uploaded the lot of them. Showing the true state of the stock photo industry, this picture sold twice in 2010, once for $1.00, and again for $0.49.

A shot from an Urban Pie Story this year on Vancouver roller derby teams. It ended up an American text book for $135.00. I wonder what they were studying?

The Lili'wat Cultural Centre in Whistler. I was just driving by one morning, and thought that it looked cool. This ended up in an Australian travel brochure for $87.14

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