Saturday, October 23, 2010

Caribou Road Trip

Burned forest near Barierre
Joyce and I took some time and went on a really nice road trip over the Duffy Lake road to Lillooet, on to Clinton, then Kamloops, and finally back home.

Along the the Duffy Lake Road. The valley drops almost 1000 ft.into Cayoosh Creek. It's one of those places you definitely don't ever want to drive off the road

Joyce shopping for nick-nacks in the hamlet of Clinton. They have terrific antique stores here for some reason. They all seem to work on the honour system, we got there about 7:00, and all the goods were still piled up outside the store

Want to buy a 1950's era Chrysler? One of the tires even holds air.

Burned forest near Barierre

A feral wheat field near an abandoned homestead, The Bonaparte Indian Reservation, near Cache Creek.

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