Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bard on the Beach

Actors Alessandro Juliani and Dean Paul Gibson from the Bard on the Beach production of Falstaff in the cast dressing room.
This week we're doing a story on Bard on the Beach, the classic Vancouver Shakespearian theatre that runs through the summer at Kits Beach. The actors are the best the city has to offer, Alessandro Juliani is a veteran of the Vancouver filmed Battlestar Galactica, many of the others are well known from local TV and film production, and the productions are lush and well staged. Definitely a must see for the summer in Vancouver.

Actor Dean Paul Gibson looking pensive.

Bard on the Beach Artistic Director Christopher Gaze.

Assistant stage manager Samara Van Nostrand checks the prop swords back stage.

Tech Stuff
This was a difficult shoot, as the subjects are busy guys who aren't, in my experience, tolerant of having their time wasted. As they were being interviewed by Urban Pie editor Alan Forsythe, I scouted the locations and set up the lighting so it would be ready for them to step in. The session with Alessandro Juliani and Dean Paul Gibson lasted less than 5 minutes, and I was able to get three usable photos from the session. A well timed dirty joke from one of the actors got a great expressions from everyone.

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikon AF-S 28-70mm f/2.8
Lighting: Alien Bee B1600 strobe with a 22" beauty dish.

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