Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rachel and James, top of Whistler

It's pretty funny, I make my living shooting weddings, but this is only the second one I've done in the last six months. I finished up my last one of 2009 in October, and then took off for South Africa for three months. I did another small one in January when I got back, and then started all my Olympic gigs, which I finally finished up last week. Things are finally getting back to normal, with another wedding next week as I head into the summer season.

Rachel and James are a really nice couple who came out from rural Louisiana to get married in the snow and mountains here in British Columbia. We were lucky to get a small window of good weather, and by the time the ceremony was over the wind and snow had totally whited out the top of Whistler.

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  1. These are wonderful Dave, I especially like the last one. Must have been cold!